Frequently Asked Questions


How important is it to have professional photos in a Listing?

Research shows that professional photos can help sell your home faster and for more money.  $1,000 – $100,000 more! The first time a potential buyer will see your home is on an online listing site. It will be competing with hundreds of other listings in your area. You need to stand out among them all. With professional photos, videos, aerial pictures, and floorplan layouts, your home will not be overlooked. Ref: NAR and Redfin.

How long does it take for a shoot?
Usually between 1 – 2 hours depending on the size of the home and requested items. (ie: aerial stills and video, walk through video, floorplan, or twilight shots.)
When do you schedule the start of a shoot?
It really depends on the orientation of the home. Once provided with a street address, the best time of day can be determined by the angle of the sun on the front of the home. Sometimes it is best early to mid-morning. Other times would be in the afternoon or late evening just before sunset.
How important is staging a home before the shoot?
This is one of the most important aspects of photographing your home. You would not want to have guests over with a messy house. The same goes for showing prospective buyers your home online. If it is clean and organized in the photos, then it is more inviting for the people who decide to look at it in person.
When should the home be staged?
The day before the shoot. The day of the shoot should be used to walk through and adjust anything you may have missed. …and never try to move things around during the shoot. It undoubtedly causes things to be missed and adds a lot of time to the shoot itself.
How quickly do I receive the photos and how do I get them?
Usually within 24hrs. Sooner, if requested. I upload jpeg photos to Dropbox, which can then easily be downloaded to your computer or phone.
What is the best way to schedule a shoot?
Call, email, or text. Once I have the street address, I can determine the best time of day for the shoot and will schedule a date with you.
Do I need to be with you the entire shoot?
No, I would prefer to work without anyone else in the home. It makes the job move much faster, without having to keep track of people and worrying if they are going to walk into the shot or catch their reflection somewhere. This adds a lot of time to retouch the photo or even having to revisit the home for a second shot.
How many photos do you take?
25 – 50 depending on the home and its unique features.
What selection of photos comes with a regular home shoot?
A full set of exterior and interior photos, plus any amenities such as a community clubhouse, pool, playground, etc. Other options are available such as aerial photos and videos, twilight photos, walk through videos, and floorplan layouts.
Do you stage the home while shooting?
Yes, but on a limited basis. I will do some light staging such as straitening a comforter to remove wrinkles, fluffing or moving a pillow, or adjusting a kitchen chair for better positioning. I will not move heavy objects or clean counters of soaps, food boxes, toiletries, etc. That should be done prior to my arrival so I can focus on photographing your home. I have provided a checklist on my website for the homeowner to follow so everything can be completed the day before the shoot. You can download the checklist from my Services page.
How can the photos be used and what are the copyrights?
The client can use the photos in all marketing aspects of that home for the duration of the current listing by the listing agent. Use for any other means or persons is prohibited unless agreed upon by that person and myself.
  • Pricing is based on square footage and specific services requested. For a detailed quote please email:
  • No travel charge for shoots within Davidson, Davie, Guilford, Forsyth or Randolph counties. A travel fee applies to any area outside these counties. Fee quoted upon request.
Copyright Terms
Scott Simpson Studios, retains copyright of all photos taken, including but not limited to: Interior and Exterior Property photos/videos, Aerial photos/videos, Community Amenity and Common Area photos/videos, and Area Lifestyle photos/videos. Photos are licensed for your one-time overall marketing use for one specific listing only, by the specific listing agent. Use of photos for subsequent listings can be approved for additional fees. By downloading images or making payment (whichever comes first) you are agreeing to these terms.
Contact me via phone, text, or email with the address, requested date and services required. I will call back to discuss the best time of day to shoot depending on the orientation of the property. We can then lock down the specific date of the shoot.
  • Payment is required within 2 days of photo delivery.
  • Invoices will be submitted via QuickBooks. Payment can be made by Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo.
  • No additional bookings accepted until all past shoots are paid in full.
  • Accepted without cancel fee more than 48 hrs. before start time of scheduled shoot.
  • Cancellation within 48 hrs. assessed a $50 fee and charged with the rescheduled shoot.
  • Cancellation due to bad weather is not the agent’s fault and no cancellation fees apply.


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